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Welcome to Enemy At The Gates new website

About us
We are a dedicated PvP guild on Aerie Peak (EU), we do daily Rated Battlegrounds, arena teams and random battlegrounds together. We have dedicated and regular members who are helpful, polite and very sociable. We have 4 Rated Battleground leaders who share the responsibility between themselves to bring you daily rated battlegrounds as a guild. And finally we have amazing leaders behind the scene who want to make this a dedicated and proffesional guild, yet with a warm and sociable feel to it.

Want to join? - Please register as soon as possible, once you have registered you will notice to the right are all the classes we are currently recruiting please check to see if the class you want to play is there, if it is then please follow this link to our recruitment forum : 
Once there create a new topic in the thread (Subject name must be your in game name so we can get in contact) Then tell us a bit about yourself, class and spec and gear. Or, you could contact one of the Generals in game (Kasztyk, Tutanchamon and Beolyn).
Guild News

Note - When making an event on calenders the calender is set by your specific time of your country. Now in europe some countries have time differences of one to two hours. So when creating events in the future please put in the description in the calender the realm time said event is starting (clearly please).

Enemy at the Gates:

Is since 17-07-2011 a lvl 25 guild !!!, thank you all to being apart of this.


Rated Battleground (22/07/2011)

I've been looking around the the forums and the reason the Rated BG's tonight weren't a success (We couldn't get in then couldn't queue) is because there was issues with the missery battlegroup. People can't get in raids, rated's or arenas at the time being, however, Blizzard are fixing the problem and all should be well soon. This could also be the reason why people are having latency due to the restarts with the battlegroup.
Posted 21:50 pm realm time 22/07/2011


Classes we recruit    
Enemy At The Gates is currently recruiting the following:
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Death Knight
Blood (1)
Unholy (1)
Feral (1)
Restoration (2)
Marksmanship (1)
Frost (2)
Holy (1)
Protection (1)
Discipline (2)
Shadow (1)
Enhancement (1)
Restoration (2)
Demonology (1)
Protection (1)
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